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Colourful Cloud Wall Hanger

Create your own colourful fluffy cloud to hang up at home. Read our steps below or download the instructions here!

What you'll need:

Draw a large cloud shape, roughly A4 size. Cut it out and trace the shape on to another piece of paper. Cut out second cloud.
Decorate each cloud with craft materials. You could add eyes, eye lashes or abstract shapes. Attach pieces with glue.
Cut out three strips of paper roughly 30cm in length and 3cm in width. Decorate with collage paper, paper shapes and stickers.
Begin to staple your cloud together. Ask an adult for help. Leave an opening for your stuffing!
Scrunch up old newspapers or catalogues and place inside the opening of your cloud. Staple opening once you have filled your cloud.
Staple your strips of decorated paper to the base of your cloud and staple a ribbon to the top of your cloud.